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Omni Analytics & Data Science Solutions for CPG & Retailers.

Major Retailer Data Automation, CPG Specific Content, Advanced Visualizations, A/B Testing, Assortment Discipline, Forecasting, and many more Data Science Applications. Solutions for business analysts to data scientists, all in one envrionment.
You've never seen anything like this before in CPG Analytics.


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Unrivaled Content & Insights out of the Box

It's not just about 'reports' any more. We bring insightful and next generation retail content to you and your team. You will provide better insights to your team and customers overnight. Robust industry specifc content with infinite possibilities.

  • HIGHLY Interactive Dashboards
  • Lightning Fast Response Times
  • Combine multiple retailers
  • eCommerce & Store Sales in one environment
  • Supply Chain and Replenishment
  • Sales and Inventory
  • Category Leadership and Best Practices
  • Out of Stocks (Both Digital and Physical)
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Major Retailer / Data Connectors

We automatically connect to and ingest data from major Retailers, eCommerce sites, and many other Third Party Datasets. We are built to SCALE to any piece of data out there. If you don't see it on the list already, it's just because we haven't been asked to get it, be the first to ask!


Retail Link, DSS, OTIF, Supplier Center. Smart Validation and automatic resubmissions. 1000s of metrics.


Automated ingestion of the various Target related Data Systems


We are Nielsen Connect partners. We can consume your existing datasets, or help you obtain new ones to see how you're doing across the markets!


Automatic Downloads of Dunhumby & 8451 Data.


We are a Trusted Partner with IRI, bringing automated syndicated and panel data into our ecosystem.

So many more...

Too many to list. Contact Us for more!

Industry Defining Solutions

SaaS Point Solutions created specifically to solve industry related opportunities. The names are simple here, but the platforms and solutions are very powerful and complex. (More to come on these tools).


Unified Platform

ALL of your solutions in one spot. Single Sign on for all tools: Ours, yours, theirs.


Analytics Hub

Incredibly powerful, yet easy to use Analytics, Visualizations, and Dashboarding Capabilities.



Seemlessly move data between Retailer Systems into your own Data Lake Environment, or we can load the data in ours!


A|B Testing (enABle)

Finally a competitor to the industry incumbent. Except ours is better, faster, and better value.


Assortment & Clustering

Bottom up Assortment Decisions and Clustering in real-time. Uses daily data and 200+ KPIs powering a Machine Learning model.


Forecasting (Eighty-Eight)

ML/AI Driven Application to accurately predict future sales, inventory, and opportunities. Paried with Assortment & Clustering, this is game changing.


Syndicated Connection

Partnerships with the Major Players (Nielsen, IRI) that allow us very low level access to this data. We interweave it into our solutions for you.


Physical and eCommerce in One

A single software platform that combines physical shelves and retail shelves in one!


Planogram/Modular Automation

Our software 'draws the boxes' for you using Learned Behavior from previous Relays as well as direct input from you and your customer


Data App Platform

A revolutionary way to quickly produce data driven apps with custom and responsive interfaces. You have to see this to believe it.


Direct Connection

Unrivaled, DIRECT access to the data. SQL, C#, Python, whatever, it's literally Direct Connect!


and so much more...

We've run out of room on the website, and new tools are created every day!

Decision Science Team

In house team of [CPG Industry Specific] Data Scientists that work with you and your team to assist with time and complex situations with you and your customer.

  • Data Schema Modeling & Design
  • Supply Chain Effeciencies
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Predictive AI/ML Model Creation
  • Category Management Strategy
  • Joint Business Plan Development
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Advanced Users, Developers, and Data Scientists

Industry First, TRUE Direct connection to the data. Use visualization tools or more programmatic ways like ODBC, SQL, C#, Python, R, and many others to connect direct to the data.


Use all your familiar tools and platforms

  • Programatic: C#, R, SQL, Python, Many other Libraries
  • Visualizations: Tableau, PowerBI, Looker
  • Transformation Tools: Alteryx
  • Technologies: Direct ODBC, VPN

Our DataLake or Yours!

Our Platform(s) are completely agnostic from the Data Backend you choose. If you have an existing relationship with a cloud provider, we can integrate. Or we can take care of all of the technical things and host your information securely in our geo-separated datacenters and infrastructure. It really doesn't matter to us!


Recent News & Information

Company July 27, 2022

engine Launches!

It's official, engine has officially come out of beta and launched to the marketplace! We're bringing a whole new approach to analytics and data science to the Major Retailer & CPG Space. So many solutions, and so much to come.

Company April 5, 2022

New Office Location

With our rapid growth, we needed more space! Come visit us at 3335 S Market St in Rogers. We're next to theos and bonefish in a large standalone building that you can't miss!

The Word

What our customers are saying.

This "group" is back at it again creating some truly redifining solutions in the Walmart marketplace. They listen, and solve.

It's not about "saving time" any more with our requests from our customer, using engine and their group of solutions and consultants we are truly bringing macro category level insights and changes to the world's largest retailer.'

We aren't the largest supplier out there, but these folks [engine] and their tools allow us to compete with the big guys. We've used 2 of the other 'incumbnents' in the area, and they're not even close to what engine does.